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How to Quit Your Job for a Midlife Career Change

A midlife career change

Each passing generation feels the tug of reinvention sooner than the last. If you’re contemplating a midlife career shift, here’s your guide to navigating the transition with confidence and success.

Brian Thompson talks about midlife career change:

Wanna quit your current job for a midlife career change?

In January 2020, CNBC reported an unprecedented surge in Americans quitting their jobs, setting a record pace for job turnover. Flashback to our Queer Money® episode #11 in 2016, where we delved into the statistic revealing that a staggering 80% of individuals in their twenties were already yearning for a change in career direction.

But before anyone considers taking the leap, it’s crucial to heed some sage advice. In our conversation with Brian Thompson of BT Financial, who made the bold switch from tax attorney to Certified Financial Planner (CFP), we uncovered invaluable insights into the art of job hopping.

Brian’s journey began with a simple yet powerful step: starting a blog. This deliberate and gradual approach allowed him to meticulously research his mid-life career transition and methodically navigate the intricate maze of requirements, certifications, and financial commitments inherent in such a move.

By meticulously analyzing his and his partner Ben’s financial landscape, employment scenarios, and other factors, Brian equipped himself with the clarity needed to determine the optimal timing and strategy for leaping.

Some may attribute Brian’s success to luck, but he humbly refutes that notion. His decisions were fraught with challenges and uncertainties, requiring courage and resilience every step of the way.

As the Stoic philosopher Seneca once remarked, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” This sentiment underscores the importance of thorough preparation in recognizing and seizing opportunities.

In our Queer Money® episode, Brian generously shares his four indispensable tips for orchestrating a seamless transition from one career to another, empowering listeners to pursue the fulfilling life they deserve.

About Brian Thompson, JD, CFP®

Brian’s journey began in a realm far from the corridors of law; armed with a degree in philosophy, he initially embraced the legal path at the nudging of his academic advisor. However, life’s unpredictable twists soon led him down a different road.

Driven by personal and professional motivations, Brian became increasingly drawn to the intricacies of personal finance. This fascination, coupled with serendipitous encounters along the way, ignited an undeniable urge for a career metamorphosis within him.

Around three years ago, Brian embarked on a digital odyssey, launching a blog dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of personal finance. As the journey unfolded, he found himself inexorably drawn to a specific community—the queer community.

Brian’s commitment to this cause was not merely professional but deeply personal. His union with his husband, Ben, sealed in August 2014 in the heart of Illinois, imbued his mission with a profound sense of purpose and passion.

Watch more here about how to make that midlife career change:

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