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How I Secured $11 Million for My Start-Up

What steps I took to secure 11 million dollars for my start-up

Find out how Mark secured $11 million for his start-up on this episode. Then download your FREE Queer Money Kickstarter, a 9-step Guide to Kickstart Your Journey to Financial Independence.

How I raised and secured 11 million dollars and how you can too

Many LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs bootstrap their businesses, leveraging the capital we’ve got to get our venture going. But what if you pitched your idea to your network? Imagine what you could accomplish if you raised a large sum of money for your startup from investors. Mark Cozzi is the Founder and CEO of The Bettering Company, a luxury edibles brand in the cannabis industry. Mark spent 35 years in corporate finance and private equity before building his company.

On this episode of Queer Money®, Mark explains what inspired his interest in the cannabis sector and how he raised $11 million for The Bettering Company. Mark describes what it’s like to pitch your startup to potential investors and discusses the responsibility associated with taking money from friends and family.

Listen in for Mark’s advice on sharing the vision for your business with investors and learn how landing $11 million in funding changed The Bettering Company—for the better!

Listen to get insight on how I secured 11 million dollars

Topics covered on how I secured 11 million dollars

  • Mark’s background in finance and private equity investments
  • Why Mark offers his employees equity stock ownership
  • Where Mark got the courage to build his own company (and if being gay influenced his decision)
  • How investing in startups informed Mark’s decision to become an entrepreneur
  • What inspired Mark’s interest in the cannabis industry
  • Why Mark chose edibles, and what steps he took to learn about the sector
  • What part of the business Mark bootstrapped and when he started taking on investors
  • The responsibility associated with taking money from friends and family to fund your startup
  • What it feels like to pitch your company to potential investors
  • Mark’s advice on reaching out to your network and sharing the vision for your startup
  • How it changed Mark’s view of the business when he landed $11M in funding
  • Mark’s plans to add new flavors and expand to other markets


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