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Healing Your Inner Child with Brian Falduto

Hi there! You new here? We love that you found our gay little corner of the web. Here at Debt Free Guys, we’re all about helping queer people live lives they truly love inside and out. We think happiness is a 360-degree experience (purpose, love, money, wellness, and lifestyle) that you also deserve. After reading our article below, see how we can help you more here.

How healing your inner child can change your life

Do you feel like true happiness isn’t for you? Most queer people carry the trauma of feeling ‘othered’ our whole lives. We focus on survival and forget to heal our inner child as adults. Let’s heal your inner child! Meanwhile, get your free copy of the 5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life here.

Hear Brian’s advice on how to heal your inner child:

Finding self-acceptance and happiness

You may recognize Brian Falduto as ‘the gay kid from School of Rock.’ But today, he is The Gay Life Coach, a coaching practice and platform designed to make the inner work to heal your inner child more accessible to the LGBTQ community. Brian is also the host of The Gay Life Coach Podcast, a show that promotes mindfulness in the queer community.

On this episode of Queer Money®, Brian joins us to explain why young gay men are not having conversations about what’s going on in their heads and hearts. He weighs in on why filling your life with fun won’t make you happy if you’re carrying past trauma, sharing what he does to pass through painful moments without getting stuck in them. Listen in for insight on initiating the healing conversation in your life and learn how mindful awareness can help our community embrace radical self-acceptance!

Topics covered on healing 

  • Brian’s journey from child actor to gay life coach
  • How doing his own healing inspired Brian to make that work more accessible to others in the LGBTQ community
  • How Brian uses mindfulness to coach himself out of feeling ‘othered’
  • Why young gay men are not having conversations about self-awareness, spirituality and personal development
  • What practices to try when you feel stuck in your thoughts (e.g.: journal, meditation or long walk)
  • Why filling your life with fun won’t make you happy if you can’t let go of past trauma
  • How Brian integrates showing up mindfully into social settings with other gay men
  • The common challenges Brian’s LGBTQ clients face in embracing radical self-acceptance
  • Brian’s challenge to sit down at the table with your Shitty Committee
  • Brian’s advice on navigating the cultural messaging that you’re not a good enough gay
  • How Brian leverages mindful awareness to pass through painful moments vs. getting stuck in them
  • Brian’s top resources for initiating the healing conversation in your life

Connect with Brian for help with your healing

5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life

Resources to help with healing your inner child


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