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The Awesome Power of the 4 Financial Classes

What are the four financial classes?

What financial class do you belong to? Which one do you WANT to join? Find out where you are and where you want to go on this episode of the Queer Money® podcast.

Hear how to join your desired financial class

Which of the four financial classes describes you

On this episode of Queer Money®, we’re sharing the characteristics of the four financial classes, explaining how each category is based on behavior rather than income. We introduce the Leveraging Class, explaining how they live fabulously broke and why they spend to ‘keep up appearances’—to the detriment of their own financial security.

We go on to discuss the habits of the Spending Class, the group that spends every penny they earn, and the Saving Class, the group that’s either skeptical of or can’t quite afford to invest in the stock market. Listen in for insight into the benefits of entering the Investing Class and learn how to join the financial class that puts your money to work for YOU!

Topics covered on four financial classes

The characteristics of the Leveraging Class

  • Spend more than make, get into a cycle of nonstop borrowing
  • The outward portrayal of success to detriment of financial security

The characteristics of the Spending Class

  • Spends every penny, little or no emergency savings
  • Don’t have access to much credit

The characteristics of the Saving Class

  • Judicious about every penny spent (window shoppers)
  • Skeptical of or can’t afford to invest in the stock market

The characteristics of the Investing Class

  • Make money work for them with investments
  • Use credit to advantage, have stellar credit scores 

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