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Passion Projects Create Financial Security

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Passion projects can build financial security 

Did you know your passion projects can build financial security? Hear how the things that excite and drive you can help you build an abundant life. 10X your how fast you build that financial security by getting your free copy of the 5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life here.

Inspiration to achieve financial independence

Jenni & Lisa’s insight on using passion to build your best life

Jenni and Lisa Dazlos are the cofounders of Modern Family Finance, integrated financial planning, investment management, and money coaching practice that serves the LGBTQ community and other modern families. They are also the creators of Out & Around, a documentary that tells the stories of global super gays, and the TED Talk, This Is What LGBT Life Is Like Around the World. Pursuing a passion project together inspired Jenni and Lisa to leave their jobs in technology and social work, respectively, and build a life and business around what really matters to them.

On this episode of Queer Money® podcast, Jenni and Lisa join us to share their experience filming Out & Around, describing what they learned from working together on a passion project and furthermore, how it inspired them to adopt a location-independent lifestyle long-term. They explain how financial independence makes it easier to pursue our passions, in addition to walking us through the five steps they took to build a life around their ideal 24 hours. Listen in for insight on using money to fuel your best life (rather than being a constraint) and learn how Modern Family Finance can help YOU build true wealth while pursuing your passion.

Topics covered on how to build financial security

  • What inspired Jenni and Lisa to create the documentary Out & Around
  • How did Jenni and Lisa get the confidence to do Out & Around despite a lack of filmmaking experience
  • What Jenni and Lisa learned from working together on a passion project
  • The benefits of adopting a location independent lifestyle
  • Why it’s challenging for most to conceive of a life fueled by passion
  • How financial independence makes it easier to say YES to our passion projects
  • Jenni’s advice for taking a risk with a plan in place
  • The 5 steps Jenni and Lisa took to build their lives around their vision of an ideal 24 hours
  • Why Jenni and Lisa credit books and blogs with showing them a different way to live
  • How to make money enable your best life rather than being a constraint
  • How Modern Family Finance offers financial planning, as well as, money coaching, and investment management
  • Why Jenni and Lisa specifically serve the needs of the LGBTQ community

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 Resources to build financial security

5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life


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