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7 Cost-Conscious DIY Grooming Tips

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Cost-conscious grooming tips for men and women

Grooming products are expensive, and gay men spend too much money on overpriced products because we’re sold on status. These are the natural and affordable recipes we use to stay looking fresh. While you’re here, get your free copy of the5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life here.

Our affordable grooming tips

Not to brag, but people are often surprised to learn how old we are. And yet, we don’t spend a lot of money on personal care.

So, what are the best cost-conscious ways to stay looking and feeling fresh? What DIY strategies do we use to take care of our skin and hair without spending big bucks on high-dollar personal care products?

Our favorite, affordable DIY grooming products on Queer Money®:

On this episode of Queer Money, we share our top 7 tips for creating a personal care routine that doesn’t hurt your wallet, reminding you that what you put IN your body impacts the way you look and feel and describing our own personal diet, exercise and meditation routine.

We walk you through several of our DIY recipes for foot and body scrub, hand and body oil, face oil, eye cream and hair treatment.

Listen in for insight on adding healthy, natural ingredients to lemon water and smoothies—and learn how to look and feel absolutely fabulous without going fabulously broke!

Cost-conscious grooming topics covered

  • The top 2 ways to NOT live fabulously broke (and which one we prefer)
  • How LGBTQ people admit to spending a significant percentage of our income on personal hygiene
  • How to develop a personal care routine that doesn’t hurt your wallet
  • How what you put IN your body impacts the way you look and feel
  • What our diet looks like and the supplement we take every day
  • Why we’re religious about exercise and meditation + how those habits impact our mental health
  • Why we start each day drinking warm lemon water with turmeric, cayenne pepper and grated ginger
  • The benefits of adding coconut oil, ground flax seed, wet chia seeds and acai berry to your breakfast smoothie
  • What natural ingredients and essential oils we use to make our face oil + foot and body scrub
  • The recipe for our DIY hand and body oil
  • Why we recommend using vitamin E oil and rosehip seed oil as eye cream
  • How to treat frizzy or dry hair with coconut, hemp seed and olive oil + a few drops of tea tree or sandalwood oil
  • How we save money by buying our organic ingredients in bulk



5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life

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