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What to Know about Coming Out at Work

Coming out at work

Hold on to your rainbow-colored staplers because most of us are playing a stealthy game of “Hide the Fabulous” at the workplace. On this episode of Queer Money®, we’re dishing at the water cooler on the risks and rewards of doing the ultimate workplace reveal – coming out like a drag queen making a grand entrance.

What you should know before coming out at work:

Should you come out at work?

Picture this: You, the star of your own workplace sitcom, contemplating whether to unleash your inner fabulousness in the office. It’s like deciding whether to wear sequins on a Monday – a delicate balance between workplace sanity and your dazzling authenticity.

We’re diving deep into the corporate closet, discussing the dangers of staying incognito and the potential sparkly perks of letting your true colors shine. Spoiler alert: It involves more than just finding the perfect rainbow-themed spreadsheet.

Coming out at work five years later

Guess what, fabulous folks? The Supreme Court of the United States recently had a lightbulb moment, realizing that it’s not cool to kick someone out of their job just for being fabulously queer. But here’s the tea – the interpretation of the US Constitution is still a bit like decoding a cryptic Grindr profile. Will employers suddenly become the Broadway producers of firings, putting on a flamboyant show? Will we be stuck in jobs so dull they make beige look vibrant?

Now, according to some studies, being LGBTQ+ can cost you more than a Kardashian’s shopping spree – we’re talking over $50,000 in extra education, certifications, unpaid wages, and more just to keep up with our straight comrades. Is it fair? Not! Is it worth it? Well, that’s a question bigger than the glitter budget at a Pride parade.

For this reason, some of our LGBTQ+ pals might try to play it straight, like trying to pass as a unicorn in a field of horses. But, honey, let’s spill the truth tea – not only is that not fair, but it’s also as counterproductive as trying to walk in heels on a tightrope. It hurts our push for equality, and it hits the already marginalized in our community harder than a sequined hammer.

So, in this dazzling episode of Queer Money® Follow-Up, we’re revisiting the glitter trail of Queer Money® podcast episode #1, “Coming Out at Work.” We dished out the deets on the risks and concerns of strutting your fabulous self in the workplace with none other than the former Executive Vice President of Human Resources for Charles Schwab, Jay Allen, and the former Executive Director of One-Colorado and former Chief of Staff of GLAAD NYC, Dave Montez. Because darling, in the world of Queer Money®, every episode is a rainbow-filled sequel worth watching!

Our thoughts (five years later) on the risks and rewards of coming out at work:

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