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Our 9 favorite gay travel apps 

Our favorite gay travel apps 

Being recently geoliberated – yep, our term – we’re currently consumed with gay travel apps to aid our gay travel. 

Gay travel apps to travel more and spend less

Walk into any room filled with a gaggle of gays and the conversation inevitably turns to gay travel. Whether in the middle of summer or dead of winter, we have a penchant for cruising the world – you know what we mean. Stuck in sweltering traffic or scraping ice off your windows, aren’t you wishing you could click your heels and ride a rainbow to that sunny beach across the pond?

Calgon Apple, take us away!

When bath salts won’t do, technology can help. Below are seven tips, websites, and apps (16 total) to lower your gay travel costs.

Our 9 favorite gay travel apps

Gay travel apps discussed

Living Fabulous Social Life Planner

Planning is as important as finding the best pricing, seating, eating, and meeting. Planning your gay travel is an important key to successful gay travel.

Gay travel apps, Grindr, Scruff and Hornet

Hook-up apps can be used for more than hooking up. Scruff has a new feature that lets you meet other gays in other locations to be friends. Wonders never cease! For more on how to use these apps for more than sex, listen to this episode of Queer Money.

Rome2Rio and SkyScanner are to other gay travel apps

Rome2Rio maps the most efficient and cheapest routes from point A to point B. If you’re in Brussels and want to get to Cape Town, Rome2Rio will get you there. Another favorite for LGBTQ travelers is Skyscanner. Skyscanner searches the sky for the cheapest flights from one location to the next. It relies entirely on algorithms to find flights and not its relationship to airlines, so its recommendations are unbiased. and Jet Setter great travel sites

These sites keep you posted on hot deals on places and airfare to all the places you’re lusting to wander.

RetailMeNot is one of many that can be used as gay travel apps

When booking hotel rooms, airline tickets or rental cars, there’s usually a field on the site to add a discount code near where you provide your credit card information. For your pending vacation, find one for your hotel stay, airline ticket and car rental. Discounts range from a few dollars to 40% off. Retail Me Not also offers vouchers for free hotel meals and bonus reward points and miles for hotels and airlines.

You know Misterb&b is one of many popular gay travel apps

Misterb&b is gay Airbnb. We recently used Misterb&B to travel through Ireland and Spain for a month. Here’s what we learned. Book Mister B&B in advance. Real-time booking was a real-time suck. Also, the more reviews on your profile you have, the more likely and quickly you’ll be approved. Finally, telling the host you’re in a relationship or married is not always in your best interest. We’re not sure if hosts were looking for sex, but we noticed several conversations shut down as soon as we told the hosts we were hitched. is a gay b&b site

“Enjoy Bed & Breakfast.” Ebab was the very first gay travel site, initially founded in 1996 when queer rights weren’t what they are today. Ebab was founded on the principle that “everyone has the right to travel freely and without discrimination.”

Home Around the World, HomeExchange and LGHEI are good for exchanges and swaps

These sites make home swapping or staying with strangers easier. They expand your destination options and provide the benefits of a free place to stay. Plus, with Home Around the World and LGHEI, you get the security of staying with or in a home where you feel safer.

DocuBank and LifeLink are great travel security tools

Electronically store official and legal documents, including healthcare directives, emergency medical information and marriage licenses to make them easily accessible from anywhere in the world when you need them.

U.S. State Dept. LGBTQ travel info,, are LGBTQ safety resources

Despite the progress we’ve made in the last 20 years, homophobia still exists. Even the U.S. State Department publishes a helpful page with LGBTQ travel information.

Another site to visit when planning your LGBTQ travels is, which shares LGBTQ rights and news from all around the world— reports on LGBTQ news from the 76+ countries in the world where homosexuality is still illegal.

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