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Why We Got Out of Debt

How we got out of debt

Picture it: $51,000 in credit card debt hanging over us like a dark cloud in a rom-com. But before we could even think about paying it off, there was a burning question hotter than a drag queen’s highlighter. Curious? Spoiler alert: It wasn’t “Who wore it best?” Find out the juicy question that fueled our journey to financial freedom and how we gracefully tap-danced our way out of debt.

The most important question you’ll ever ask

Margarita choices aside (because who can resist a tropical twist), we were living life like a GPS with a glitch—following every disco ball and whim without a roadmap to success. Picture us, a family on vacation without a destination, lost in a maze of frustration.

But fear not! Before we could even think about paying off our credit card debt, we had to answer life’s most crucial questions about cocktails and our purpose. Think of it as upgrading from aimless vacationers to captains of our own ship—because nothing says financial enlightenment like knowing why you’re slaying the 9-to-5 dragon every day.

Hear the biggest question for how we got out of debt

What’s your ‘why’ for getting out of debt?

Turns out, the key to life’s grand financial quiz wasn’t hidden in the bottom of a cocktail glass or at the VIP section of a club (who knew?). Once we unearthed the answers—saving for a retiree lifestyle that would make golden years jealous, cash-fueled world adventures, and sprinkling some glitter on the LGBTQ community—it hit us like a runway model tripping over stilettos.

Suddenly, those happy hours, club nights, and designer clothes seemed like glittery distractions from our true goals. It was like realizing we were at a salad bar but piling on desserts. When we cracked the code to this financial riddle, it was as if the universe whispered, “Focus, fabulous souls!” Now, paying off debt became a mission, and improving our lives felt like upgrading to the VIP section of financial success—even when it was harder than explaining a crop top to grandma.

In the wise words of Jim Rohn, “When you know what you want and want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to get it.” And trust us, we did, darling.

Know your ‘why’ like an Olympian

Move over, Tom Daley,  Anthony Bowens, and Gus Kenworthy! Turns out, we, too, can be financial gymnasts, minus the leotards and with a bit more love for carbs. Inspired by the dedication of those gold medal chasers, we decided to wake up early (but not too early) and tackle our $51,000 credit card debt with the grace of a figure skater and the determination of a weightlifter avoiding that extra scoop of ice cream.

Just like our athletic counterparts, we discovered the power of knowing our ‘why.’ It was like finding the secret sauce to financial success, guiding us through the treacherous terrain of grocery store budgets and declining invites to happy hours (the real hurdles in life, let’s be honest).

So, fellow champions in the game of adulting, have you asked yourself the all-important ‘why’? Share it below because nothing brings people together like tales of financial victories and the occasional metaphorical gymnastics routine

We share more about our ‘why’ and how we got out of debt below:

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