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How Values-Based Investing Yields Better Returns

What you need to know about values-based investing 

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How can you invest in values-based investing and still make money

More and more of us want to engage in values-based investing. And yet, few of us do because of the perceived risk. But is it true that investing in ESG (environmental, social, and governance) funds yields lower returns? Or can you put your money behind companies that fit your values and still make decent money? 

Kylelane Purcell and Ben Vivari are co-founders of Till Investors, an initiative to promote the value of environmental, social, and governance funds. Kylelane and Ben are also the co-authors of the forthcoming book Sustainable Investing: An ESG Starter Kit for Everyday Investors.

On this episode of Queer Money®, Kylelane and Ben join us to discuss what’s behind the polarization of ESG investing and describe how well sustainable investment funds perform in the long term. Kylelane and Ben explain the benefit of impact investing versus boycotting or buying particular brands based on your values.

Listen in for Kylelane and Ben’s insight on identifying sustainable investment funds and learn how to separate rainbow-washing brands from those that serve the queer community.

Listen to get insight on values-based investing

Topics covered on values-based investing

  • What’s behind the polarization around environmental, social, and governance investing
  • How well ESG investments perform in the long term
  • Why most people want to invest sustainably, yet so few do (and how to bridge that gap)
  • What inspired Kylelane and Ben to write Sustainable Investing and who it’s for
  • Why so few financial advisors encourage ESG investing
  • Investing with your values in mind vs. boycotting or buying based on your values
  • How ESG funds consider companies being attacked for their DEI efforts, e.g., Target and Disney
  • Why the HRC stripped Anheuser-Bush of its top LGBTQ+ rating and what the company should consider before it responds
  • Why there’s truth to the catchphrase ‘go woke or go broke’
  • How LGBTQ+ supportive investors can separate rainbow-washing companies from those that serve our community
  • Resources for identifying funds and companies dedicated to values-based investing
  • Extending our concerns around fossil fuels to the packaging for products we buy



Resources on values-based investing

  • NYU Stern Study on ESG and Financial Performance on
  • UBS Own Your Worth Women on Purpose Report
  • HRC Corporate Equality Index on
  • Article on the HRC Response to Anheuser-Busch on
  • Forbes Interview with Dominic Barton of McKinsey & Company on
  • Out & Equal Workplace Summit on
  • MSCI ESG Ratings & Climate Search Tool on
  • Morningstar on
  • Sustainability Accounting Standards Board on
  • CreditWise

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