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Transgender Rights with Jack Knoxville

How Jack Knoxville is fighting for transgender rights

The queer community and especially the trans community are under attack today. Get an update on money and transgender rights with Jack Knoxville. Start your journey to financial independence by getting rid of any credit card debt with the free, 7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher.

Fighting for transgender rights in the U.S. 

We are well aware that transgender rights are under attack here in the US. And the community is, of course, frustrated by the surge of anti-trans legislation and the slow pace of systemic change. But Jack Knoxville reminds us to consider the big picture. For the first time in modern history, trans individuals are living their authentic lives. So, even though it feels really heavy right now, in many ways, the transgender community is winning.

Jack is the Founder of the Trans Empowerment Project or TEP, one of the largest providers of direct aid for the trans community in the US with a focus on disabled queer and trans people of color. He also happens to be the first transgender man to run for political office in the South.

On this episode of Queer Money®, Jack joins us to discuss the current state of transgender rights in the US, describing what anti-trans legislation he’s concerned about right now and why he’s creating his own system of support for the community. Jack offers insight into the financial state of the transgender community, explaining what obstacles to financial wellness QTPOC individuals face and why it’s challenging to think long-term when you’re in survival mode.

Listen in to understand how TEP is moving the trans community out of crisis into empowerment and find out what you can do to support your transgender peers and advocate for trans rights.

Listen in on our discussion with Jack:

Topics Covered

  • How Jack maintains composure and courage in response to haters online
  • Why Jack focuses on cultural change vs. systemic change to promote trans rights
  • Jack’s concerns about legislation attacking trans kids
  • Obstacles to financial wellness faced by the QTPOC community
  • What programs Jack’s team offers through the Trans Empowerment Project
  • How trans migration to urban centers impacts the community financially
  • The additional obstacles trans people with special needs face in securing healthcare
  • What we can do as a queer community to support our trans peers
  • Jack’s insight on how progressives might unite to combat white supremacy
  • Why it’s challenging to think long-term when you’re in survival mode
  • Jack’s take on the hopeful findings in our LGBTQ+ study with the Motley Fool
  • Jack’s advice on how to support the transgender community politically


Watch this week’s episode with Jack:

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