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5 Effective Ways to Fight Spending Triggers

Overcoming spending triggers

There’s an episode of Friends where they all go out to dinner to celebrate Monica’s promotion, and when the bill arrives, Ross splits it six ways. If you’re Phoebe, who ordered the cup of soup, or Rachel, who got a side salad, that’s a pretty frustrating situation. Do you risk the embarrassment and say something? Or give in to the peer pressure to spend?

Fighting spending triggers like a budget superhero:

Kicking out spending triggers

On this Queer Money®, we’re sharing 5 effective ways to fight spending triggers. We cover the value of using cash instead of cards, discussing how access triggers overspending, and offer advice on going out with an entrance and exit strategy.

We go on to explain why it’s helpful to share your financial goals with your friends to gain their support—and maybe even inspire them to work toward their own hopes and dreams! Listen in for insight on avoiding the temptation to spend to fit in with friends or the crowd.

Topics covered on spending triggers 

1. Have and use only cash

  • Spend 12-18% more with cards
  • Willpower erodes with access

2. Have a plan for every plan

  • Never be first to arrive or last to leave
  • Have friend call or text, make other plans

3. Focus on your long-term, big rock goals

  • Share bigger goals (e.g.: save for adoption)
  • Ask for support and inspire friends

4. Don’t fake it till it’s your time to pony up

  • Buy your own drinks to cheers
  • Don’t be afraid to say no

5. Have a buddy

  • Support each other in achieving goals
  • Help coach you and identify patterns 

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