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7 Steps to Quit Your Job and Travel Indefinitely

Quit your job and travel

Do you dream of quitting your job to travel? Travel your neighborhood? Travel America? Travel Earth? Travel the Milky Way? The happy couple, Rachel and Liz, from State of Go share how to quit your job and travel wherever you want to go.

Do you desire to quit your job and travel?

What’s holding you back? Maybe you’re afraid to leave a perfectly good job or you’re concerned about what people will say. Or maybe you’re tethered to a lot of ‘stuff’ that might be difficult to leave. How can you overcome those fears and get hit the road (to freedom)? How can you define your own happiness and enter a ‘state of go’?

Eight months ago, Liz and Rachel left their comfortable lives in Asheville, North Carolina, to travel the US in a self-converted Sprinter Van. Both women had good jobs they liked with nonprofit organizations, but both also felt stagnant—and ready for an adventure. In the fall of 2016, Liz and Rachel started researching to prepare for the road trip, and within a year, the couple bought a van and started building it out. Just four months later, they were on the road with their blonde lab, Lucy.

Today, Liz and Rachel share their mutual love of travel and how that desire for movement brought them together as a couple. They discuss the pros and cons of van life, their decision to travel now rather than waiting for retirement, and the process of preparing for a long-term road trip. Liz and Rachel describe the fears they had to overcome around quitting jobs they enjoyed and financing the adventure—without dipping into retirement savings. Listen in for Liz & Rachel’s insight on our attachment to material things and learn how the couple continues to pay their bills through temp work and sponsorships!

Listen and learn how to quit your job and travel:

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Topics covered to quit your job and travel

What inspired Liz & Rachel to quit their jobs and travel

  • Both had ‘travel bug’ independently
  • Desire for freedom, movement helped bring together

The pros and cons of van life

  • Building out van was hard part
  • Systems, routines make process easier

Why Liz & Rachel chose to travel now

  • Days after retirement ‘not promised’
  • Things fell into place after decision made

How Liz & Rachel overcame moments of fear

  • Stressful to sell things, quit jobs and leave family/friends
  • Grow and evolve as people when uncomfortable

Liz & Rachel’s considerations around living in a 100 ft2 van

  • Tailor to make selves happy, comfortable
  • Queen bed + bed for 70-pound dog

The process of preparing for the road

  • YouTube videos for van ideas
  • Continued to work until departure
  • Supportive parents expect ‘weird stuff’

The challenge around quitting a good job

  • Difficult to leave people, work you love
  • Honest with employers about feeling stagnant

How Liz & Rachel prepared for the trip financially

  • Liz saved 40% of annual income
  • Took out loan for van
  • Didn’t touch retirement account

How much Liz & Rachel have spent in 6 months

  • $3K for van build, $5-10K so far on trip
  • Few expenses (solar power, no electricity)

How Liz & Rachel pay their bills

  • Outstanding student loans, cell phone bill and van loan
  • Temporary jobs for 2-3 weeks to generate income
  • Work as dandelion pickers, farmers and gardeners

Liz & Rachel’s insight on our attachment to material things

  • Experiences more important
  • Question societal norms to define own happiness

Liz & Rachel’s sponsorships

  • Groundskeepers Team for Granite Gear
  • Take pictures for small outdoor brands

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