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3 Ways to Use Pink Dollars Better

The missing value of our pink dollars

Pink dollars? Dorothy dollars? Lavender dollars? Are you using yours for the highest good? If you want to help build a strong LGBTQ community with the resources to push for progress, there are several things you can do to make that happen.

Hear our strategies for using pink dollars:

How to make the most of your pink dollars

1. Spend more of your money in the queer community

  • Reach out to local LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce
  • Shift expenses to LGBTQ-owned + operated businesses

Queer Money Facebook Group poll

  • 24 sometimes look for LGBTQ-owned businesses
  • 10 never look for LGBTQ-owned businesses
  • 3 mostly look for LGBTQ-owned businesses

2. Work toward individual financial security

  • Diversify income streams and increase income
  • Save more and seek accounts with highest interest rates
  • Pay off and avoid further debt

3. Give money/time to causes + leaders that promote equality

  • Direct deposit out of your paycheck to charities you support
  • Financially strong individuals = financially strong community

Resources for your finances

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