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5 Simple Ways to Raise Your Money Vibration

Do you need to raise your money vibration?

Do you keep making the same mistakes around money? Have you tried to follow a budget, but didn’t have the willpower to stick with it? If so, it’s time to explore the unconscious beliefs that are at the root of your behavior and raise your money vibration.

This episode of Queer Money® is being brought to you by the 13-Week Leap. Start easily managing your own money with 13 stupid-simple steps over 13 weeks.

Learn how to raise your money vibration:

Leisa Peterson of Art of Abundance and the Wealth Clinic

Abundance Coach Leisa Peterson is the creator of Wealth Clinic, a platform and practice dedicated to helping entrepreneurs discover prosperity and joy in all aspects of life. She uses her 20-plus years of experience as a financial advisor and mindfulness training to support clients in attracting greater wealth, freedom and peace of mind. Leisa’s also the architect of the iPROSPER Method and the host of the Art of Abundance Podcast.

Leisa joins us to share insight around what she calls “see-through beliefs,” explaining where they come from and how they impact our financial lives. She shares several techniques for uncovering your negative money stories and creating alignment between your unconscious and conscious beliefs. Leisa also explains the concept of vibration, discussing how a desire for lasting happiness inspired her decision to downsize and simply her life. Finally, Leisa walks us through her 8-step iPROSPER Method and learn why focusing on the value you bring into the world is crucial in attracting abundance.

Topics covered on raising your vibration

5 ways to raise your money vibration

  • Identify your patterns with money that aren’t working
  • Meditate to identify the root cause of this adverse patterns
  • Journal to identify the root causes of these behaviors
  • Focus on the value you bring to the world
  • Follow Leisa’s 8-step iPROSPER solution

Leisa’s insight on unconscious beliefs

  • Challenge to discuss ‘see-through beliefs’
  • Inform conscious actions all day long

The role of these unconscious beliefs

  • Helpful to streamline decision-making
  • The problem lies in automatic reactivity

What’s behind our negative perception of money

  • 5K-year cycle of patriarchal capitalism + competition
  • Addiction to suffering leads to focus on bad things

Leisa’s take on vibration and how it impacts our lives

  • Surround self with what want more of
  • Lends to real and lasting happiness

Leisa’s story of simplifying her family’s life

  • A self-made millionaire by mid-30’s
  • Downsized + simplified for sake of freedom

Leisa’s 8-step iPROSPER solution

  1. Intention
  2. Pattern
  3. Reclaim
  4. Opportunity
  5. Story
  6. Possibility
  7. Evidence
  8. Reinvention

How to leverage a daily journal practice

  • Write without a plan or preconceived notions
  • Tap into deeper voice inside

Why it’s critical to focus on the value you bring to the world

  • What we pay attention to expands
  • Other stories need to go (i.e.: pay gap)

The projects Leisa’s working on at present

  • Continue Art of Abundance Podcast
  • Workshops, book around 8-step process

Connect with Leisa Peterson

Resources to help raise your money vibration

This episode of Queer Money® is being brought to you by the 13-Week Leap. Start easily managing your own money with 13 stupid-simple steps over 13 weeks.


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