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How to Live a Life of Abundance (Even If You’re Broke Now)

What you can do to live a life of abundance

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How you can start to live a life of abundance even if you feel broke now

Leisa Peterson is the author of The Mindful Millionaire: Overcome Scarcity, Experience True Prosperity, and Create the Life You Really Want. With more than 30 years of experience in finance, Leisa leverages her Wealth Clinic platform to transform lives through heightened money consciousness.

On this episode of Queer Money®, Leisa joins us to explain what it means to be a mindful millionaire and why you don’t need a million dollars to live from a place of abundance. Leisa shares her top meditation and breathwork strategies for recognizing when you’re in a scarcity mindset, disrupting those irrational fears, and overcoming a money story that doesn’t serve you.

Listen in to understand why it’s crucial for the queer community to adopt an abundance mindset and learn her IPROSPER Process for identifying your money blocks and making better financial decisions.

Listen to get insight on how to live a life of abundance

Topics covered on how to live a life of abundance

  • What it means to be a mindful millionaire—with or without a million dollars
  • Why your thoughts about money are the real issue (as opposed to money itself)
  • How Leisa leverages meditation to recognize when she’s in a scarcity mindset
  • Leisa’s breathwork practice for disrupting irrational fears around money
  • How understanding where your money story comes from empowers you to change it
  • Why the work of adopting an abundance mindset is crucial for marginalized groups
  • Why it’s so important to make money your HOW rather than your WHY
  • Leisa’s IPROSPER Process for changing your behavior when it comes to money
  • Examples of how common blocks around money relate to the chakras
  • The challenge of transforming patterns around money that don’t serve you
  • Why Leisa suggests small changes and celebrating successes in your financial life
  • How to encourage your ‘inner brat’ when you start a new money habit



Resources on how to live a life of abundance

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  • Mindful Millionaire Facebook Group
  • Mindful Millionaire Podcast
  • The Art of Abundance Podcast

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