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How to Land One of Many Dream LGBTQ Careers

Dream LGBTQ careers

Discover your aspirations: What dreams ignite your passion? In this Queer Money® episode, Curtis Wong, the Senior Editor of The Huffington Post, reveals invaluable insights for seizing the LGBTQ career of your dreams.

Curtis Wong on dream LGBTQ careers:

The dream career path of Curtis Wong

Get ready to embark on a journey into the wild world of journalism, where childhood dreams meet real-life adventures! Curtis Wong, Senior Editor at HuffPost, traces his unlikely path into the media world, sparked by none other than Madonna’s 1992 Vanity Fair feature. From earning a Masters in Journalism at Columbia University to globe-trotting gigs, Curtis reveals how he stumbled upon his true calling amidst a sea of life’s curveballs.

Despite detours and unexpected twists, the universe kept nudging Curtis back to journalism, even if it meant covering more high school graduations than one can count! But fear not, aspiring journalists, for Curtis spills the beans on cracking the New York City media market and networking like a pro. Hint: it involves more than just schmoozing over cocktails!

Join us as Curtis dishes on the ever-evolving media landscape, from print’s last hurrah to the digital revolution. With insights aplenty, he guides budding journalists through the murky waters of today’s media industry, armed with the must-have skills and savvy to make a splash online and in print. So, grab your press pass, and let’s uncover the secrets to journalistic success, one witty headline at a time!

Curtis Wong on Queer Voices’ responsibility

Prepare for a rollercoaster of laughs and insights as we dive into the fascinating world of name changes and societal shifts! From HuffPost ‘Gay Voices’ to HuffPost ‘Queer Voices, ‘ Curtis spills the tea on the support and occasional eye-rolls that came with the rebrand, reminiscent of our journey in naming this show Queer Money®. Who knew a name could stir up so much drama?

But wait, there’s more! Join us as we unravel HuffPost Queer Voices’ noble quest to revolutionize the “gay conversation” from Speedo-clad hunks to empowering content that educates allies and adversaries alike. Because let’s face it, there’s more to queer life than just fabulous beach bods and wild circuit parties—though those are certainly highlights!

So buckle up, folks, as we navigate the twists and turns of media, identity, and the power of a catchy name. Who knows, by the end of this ride, you might just be ready to change the world—one witty headline at a time.

What’s your dream LGBTQ career?

The classic “What do you want to be when you grow up?” question—cue the childhood fantasies and the inevitable reality check. We all had those grand dreams of conquering the world, making our mark, and maybe even showing those schoolyard bullies a thing or two. But then life threw its curveballs, didn’t it? Suddenly, we were boxed into expectations and told to play by the rules. No room for dreams when you’re busy fitting into society’s neat little boxes.

But here’s the kicker: those limitations? They’re about as real as unicorns. You weren’t put on this planet just to pay bills and shuffle along till the end. Nope, you’re here to shake things up, to break barriers, and to chase those wild dreams like they owe you money.

So, enough with the excuses! Today’s the day to dust off those forgotten dreams and start living them. If Madonna can transform into MADONNA, if a stuttering kid from Scranton can lead a nation, and if Curtis Wong can go from zero to HuffPost hero, then you, my friend, have no excuse not to shine.

Forget the “I’m too old” or “I’ll only fail” nonsense. Your only job now? Believe in yourself like your life depends on it—because it does. So, consider this your weekend homework: smash those limiting beliefs to smithereens and start being the badass you were always meant to be.

Sound good? Let’s do this.

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