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What’s the State of Healthcare in the Queer Community

Some good news for healthcare in the queer community

Healthcare in America’s ugly. But a new study suggests that healthcare in the queer community may be better than we think. Catch Queer Money for more. If you want to reach financial sustainability and financial independence, start here by getting rid of any credit card debt with the free, 7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher.

See what current data says about healthcare for LGBTQ+ Americans

The state of healthcare for LGBTQ+ Americans

The good news is that 49% of respondents to The Motley Fool/Debt Free Guys’ LGBTQ+ Money Study and a majority in each group (the Ls the Gs the Bs the Ts and Qs) have employer-sponsored health insurance. Thirty-eight percent have health insurance through the open exchange, which includes the second largest category for each demographic.

That leaves 14% of LGBTQ+ respondents with not having health insurance either through an employer or through the open market. That’s disappointing and higher than the 9.2% of the general population. But it’s, honestly, way better than we predicted.

Keep in mind that our survey was taken before President Biden signed the climate and healthcare legislation in 2022. So, maybe and hopefully, those legislative changes help close this gap within our community and with Americans overall.

For those of us who do have healthcare through an employer or the open exchange, we need to feel grateful. We don’t talk about gratitude enough on this show and we should. For those of us who have neither employer-sponsored healthcare nor coverage through the open market, it’s still an employee’s job market. Maybe now’s the time to look for a better paying job with better benefits. Your health could be relying on it.


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