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Who’s Paying for Your Gay Wedding?

Who’s paying for your gay wedding

Since marriage equality, it seems like same-sex couples are lining up to tie the knot faster than you can say “I do.” But who’s footing the bill for their fabulous rainbow-themed extravaganzas? Tune in to Queer Money® for some financial wisdom with a sprinkle of glitter on top

Will your parents pay for your gay wedding?

When we launched episode #9 of the Queer Money® podcast, “Paying for a Gay Wedding,” back in April 2016, marriage equality was still in its honeymoon phase—pun intended. Back then, convincing parents to open their wallets for their LGBTQ+ offspring’s big day was like trying to teach a cat to fetch; it just wasn’t happening.

But now, five years later, let’s see if we’ve upgraded from “Who’s footing the bill?” to “Who’s footing the bill and serving the rainbow cake?”

Hear us talk about who’s paying for your gay wedding on this Queer Money:

What gay weddings look like today

Yes, indeed, times have changed faster than a chameleon at a disco!

Today, with 67% of the general population tossing their confetti in support of same-sex marriage and wedding budgets blooming like oversized bouquets, it’s a real conundrum: who’s picking up the tab? The bride’s parents, the other bride’s parents, or perhaps a mysterious benefactor hiding behind the wedding cake?

In this era of wedding etiquette evolution, Martha Stewart herself couldn’t whip up a rulebook if she tried! She’s advocating for everything from traditional divvying to a three-way split, leaving us all spinning like a disco ball on the dance floor.

But fear not, fellow celebrants! Our guest, William S. Matthews, and we have a sage piece of advice: when in doubt, grab the check yourselves. After all, why wait for someone else to pick up the bill when you can have your wedding cake and eat it, too? As William wisely puts it, “You may dream of a royal wedding, but don’t let your budget turn it into a backyard barbecue. Keep it real, keep it you!”

Who’s paying for your gay wedding? Watch the YouTube video:

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