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10 Gay Relationship Goals We Love

Gay couple relationship goals

What are your aspirations as a gay couple, to have designer dogs with cute names, to bet on the winning queen on Drag Race, to jet set, or something even more? We think it’s the latter, and here’s why.

Top 10 Gay Relationship Goals Worth Achieving in 2021

On this episode of Queer Money, we break down 10 cute, fun and sexy gay relationship goals that any couple can achieve and in doing so, strengthen their own relationship, build a stronger LGBTQ community and improve their bottom line. Money that is, not your backside.

Top 10 gay relationship goals worth achieving in 2021:

Gay Couple Goals Discussed on the Podcast

Say, “I love you” every day

  • The three little words every single guy or gal wants to hear. Don’t forget to say it – I Love You – to each other every day.

Mentor LGBTQ Youth

  • 40% of homeless kids identify as LGBTQ
  • Visit with your local LGBTQ center to see what opportunities are available to help kids in need

Pay Off Credit Card Debt

  • Paying off credit card debt took us from a negative net worth to over $1MM
  • Ep 98: The Surprising Secret to a Better Gay Sex Life
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Get to Know Trans Folks in the Community

  • Thanks to many of our allies, the Ls, the Gs and Bs of our community are much more comfortable being out. That’s because they saw us as their friends, neighbors and family. Transgender folks are still seeking that same acceptance and love.
  • Listen to QM ep 242, which will come out Tuesday, 12/29, when we discuss the real and financial costs of trans healthcare and how a great organization; Callen-Lorde, is helping

Save for a Fabulous Retirement

  • Sadly, too many gay men email us as they’re rapidly approaching 65 years old asking what they can do today to retire tomorrow. So, although it maybe 20, 30 or even 40 years away and may feel too far away to think about, you clearly don’t want to be one of them.
  • Go to to get some of our favorite tools for retirement

Hold Hands Walking Down the Street

  • It’s fun
  • There are too few places in America where a same-sex couple can show this level of non-sexual affection

Have More Sex Regularly

  • Need we say more
  • Couples who talk about their money are more likely to report having better sex
  • Have more sex, have better sex and talk about your money more

Give 5% of Your Income to LGBTQ Charities

  • We’ve heard a statistic gay men give less than $45 a year to support our queer community
  • If everyone LGBTQ person gave 1% to the queer community, we would give $10BB/yr to LGBTQ non-profits, politicians and causes fighting for our rights and helping those in need
  • If your household is earning $60K/yr, that’s only $50/month!

Support LGBTQ Owned Businesses and Entrepreneurs

  • The LGBTQ buying power in the U.S. is over $1 trillion, yet too much of our money goes to companies and organizations that don’t support our community.
  • Did you know that there are still companies in the Fortune 500 that don’t have LGBTQ employee protections? Why are we doing business with them? Find an LGBTQ-owned and operated business that offers the same product or service and use them, even if it’s a little more expensive.
  • Finding one may mean extra research. For ex., someone in the Queer Money FB group recently asked, “I need a queer, brown, female financial advisor in the Chicago area. Any suggestions?” and people were on it! See it here.

Leave a Legacy for the Queer Community

  • There are hundreds of organizations across the United States that fight every day for our rights. Many of them do it on shoestring budgets. Let’s change that.
  • Set a goal as a gay couple to leave a legacy to further LGBTQ rights long after you’re both gone.

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