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5 Ways Gay Men Can Use the Law of Attraction

Gay men and the law of attraction

Meet Chad Nash, the tech wizard who didn’t just build one, but two tech companies – because one simply wasn’t enough for his multitasking fabulousness. And guess what? He didn’t just conquer the boardroom; he globe-trotted for three whole years, probably leaving a trail of glitter in every corner of the Earth.

Meet the lion, Chad Nash

Now, you might be wondering, “What’s his secret sauce?” Brace yourself – it’s the law of attraction. Yes, you heard it right, folks! Chad credits his success to the mystical art of manifesting dreams, which apparently works like a charm for him and, presumably, his fellow gay men.

Picture this: Chad, in a superhero cape made of positive vibes, attracting success with the sheer force of his fabulous energy. It’s like the Avengers, but with more sparkle and less spandex.

So, on this episode of the Queer Money® podcast, we’re unraveling the cosmic secrets of success with Chad Nash. Get ready for a journey into the galaxy of glittery dreams, where the law of attraction isn’t just a theory – it’s a lifestyle.

Who needs a roadmap when you can manifest your way through the tech world and beyond? Chad Nash sure doesn’t, and he’s here to spill the sparkling tea on how all gay men can turn their dreams into reality. Because, let’s face it, in a world full of algorithms, sometimes all you need is a little magic. Tune in and let the enchantment begin

Chad hails from the legendary Blue Springs, Missouri. But don’t let the tranquil name fool you; this guy has been making waves to a grasshopper since he was knee-high.

Chad’s entrepreneurial journey began at the tender age of 8 when he took the lawn-mowing and snow-shoveling world by storm. Move over; kiddie lemonade stands – we’ve got a young mogul in the making!

Fast-forward to his college days at Missouri Southern State University, where Chad traded lawns for computer screens, diving headfirst into the realm of computer science. Why settle for shoveling snow when you can code your way to success?

And that’s not all, folks. Chad is the brains behind the operations at both Data Springs and Inner Lion. With a CEO crown on one side of his head and a founder tiara on the other, he’s been a whirlwind force in the tech world.

Now, brace yourselves because Chad has been on a global escapade for a whopping 24 months and counting. Forget “Eat, Pray, Love” – it’s more like “Code, Conquer, Jet-Set” in Chad’s world.

But wait, there’s more excitement on the horizon – Chad is gearing up to unleash iScubaToo, an app that’s about to make waves in the diving community. Picture this: all your dives, fellow aquatic enthusiasts, and the hottest dive spots, neatly packaged in one app. It’s like Tinder for scuba enthusiasts, minus the awkward underwater pick-up lines.

So, buckle up for the Chad Nash adventure – from lawn-mowing prodigy to tech mogul, with a global expedition and a splashy diving app in the mix. Who said business couldn’t be a thrilling rollercoaster?

Hear Chad Nash on being a gay man and using the law of attraction:

Are you truly happy with where you’re at in life?

What’s the secret sauce for bidding farewell to the cubicle and embarking on a globetrotting adventure that’s been going strong for four years and counting? Some LGBTQ folks, Millennials, and free spirits may be attempting the YOLO lifestyle all wrong, while others are sipping cocktails in Bali today and strategically crafting their tomorrows.

Enter the marvelously lucky Chad Nash, who boldly declares, “I didn’t choose to be gay. I just got lucky.” And let’s be real, that kind of perception can make all the difference. Nash, the genius behind “Lion in the Cubicle” and a Blue Springs, Missouri native, was an entrepreneur extraordinaire from the time most of us were struggling with algebra. His first business? A lawn mowing venture with the motto, “I’m not happy until you’re happy.” Move over, customer satisfaction, we’re talking customer ecstasy.

After making the leap to San Diego and birthing Data Springs, a software haven specializing in third-party modules on the DNN platform, Nash decided it was time for a grand life remix. He sold his home, complete with a pool, bid adieu to his fancy cars, and took the plunge into a few months of global gallivanting.

Well, those few months morphed into a multi-year odyssey, intertwined with the birthing of iScubaToo – the Airbnb for divers seeking the crème de la crème of dive shops worldwide. Some may chalk Nash’s journey up to sheer luck, but he’s quick to wave away that notion. After all, luck is just perception, and when you’re busy creating your destiny, there’s no room for mere chance. Join the adventure with Chad Nash, where YOLO meets strategic brilliance and the world becomes your cubicle-free oyster.

Chad’s 5 tips for how gay men can use the law of attraction for success

1. Ask better questions

In the tale of many gay men growing up in small towns, it often feels like a crossroads: either stay and navigate life in secrecy or hit the road like a rebel escaping curfew. Now, Chad Nash might reminisce fondly about his hometown, but he drops truth bombs like confetti, saying, “When you’re gay in a conservative, religious corner of the world, you know something’s not right when they keep telling you you’re wrong.”

This cosmic clash of being told you’re wrong while knowing deep down you’re not what society expects? It’s the kindling that sparked a bonfire of questions for Chad. “If they were wrong about me, what else isn’t what it seems?” he pondered. “Could I open a business? Could I move? Could I follow my dreams?”

In the grand tradition of stirring the pot and shaking the status quo, Chad took a cue from Jim Rohn, the maestro of better outcomes. Rohn once dropped wisdom nuggets like, “When you ask better questions, you get better results.” So, Chad decided to fire up the curiosity engine, transitioning from mowing lawns to birthing his own software companies and eventually becoming a globetrotting wizard.

It’s like he traded the lawnmower for a magic carpet, asking questions that propelled him from the familiar grassy terrain of small-town life to the dazzling landscapes of entrepreneurship and world exploration. Because when life hands you societal contradictions, you can either accept them or challenge them with a barrage of better questions. In Chad’s case, he chose the latter and turned his journey into a magnificent tapestry of self-discovery.

2. Avoid hard work

Forget the old adage that hard work is the ultimate goal; according to Chad, it’s all about infusing your labor with passion and inspiration. As he eloquently puts it, “People from Missouri are hardworking, salt of the earth folks, but the free-flowing money doesn’t exactly have its own parade because it seems to be defying some sort of natural law.” It’s like money has a GPS that navigates away from our pockets.

Chad drops some wisdom bombs, claiming that folks are unintentionally repelling rather than attracting the financial abundance they desire. He says, “like attracts like, and that unto itself is drawn.” It’s like a cosmic magnetism pulling in all things of similar vibes.

And here’s the kicker: you can’t strong-arm motivation or success because, well, then they’re not really success or motivation. Chad prefers a more laissez-faire approach to life, and spoiler alert – it’s working wonders. Picture him navigating the complexities of existence with a happy-go-lucky attitude, turning life’s contradictions into a whimsical dance.

In a world where many struggle while others seemingly waltz through life, Chad pondered the cosmic conundrum of why some folks draw the short end of the stick. It’s like he stumbled upon the secret recipe to life’s success, sprinkled with equal parts passion, inspiration, and a dash of happy-go-lucky charm. Join the pondering party with Chad Nash, where hard work takes a back seat, and the real MVPs are passion, inspiration, and a whole lot of positive vibes.

Chad says, “There’s more going on than A + B = C.”

3. Focus less on how and more on why

“In my entrepreneurial escapades, I’ve discovered that the lighter you can be, the more the good stuff flows,” shares Chad, the maestro of business brilliance. It’s like he’s found the secret entrance to the backstage of success, where burdensome baggage is left at the door.

Most folks, when faced with hiccups on the journey to glory, tend to unleash the hounds of self-flagellation. Chad, however, drops some wisdom nuggets – when things take an unexpected turn, it’s not a signal to play Sherlock Holmes until you uncover a solution. The guilt and shame baggage that many, including gay men, tend to carry? It’s like dragging an anchor in the ocean of positive outcomes.

In the unpredictable dance of work life, whether you’re the captain of your ship or navigating someone else’s, storms will happen. Bad days will rain down, and setbacks might throw you a curveball. For Chad, these moments aren’t red flags to reset his intentions; they’re cues to dive into his toolbox of self-care. Picture him donning a superhero cape made of meditation, yoga, and journaling, reminding himself that the sun has a date with the sky every single day.

He drops another gem – people are often so fixated on the “how” that they forget the “why.” And sometimes, it’s okay to put the cart before the horse and trust the process. It’s like navigating a ship through a storm; sometimes, you need to trust the compass and weather the waves.

So, in those tough times, when the entrepreneurial rollercoaster takes a plunge, Chad hits the brakes. He engages in his trio of serenity – meditation, yoga, and journaling – reminding himself that slowing down the train is the key to changing direction in the right way. It’s like hitting the pause button on life’s chaos, allowing the soul to recalibrate before journeying forward.

4. You can do it, so just do it

“When launching a business, the obsession with the minutiae – the name, the logo, the tagline, and the domain – can become the entrepreneurial quicksand,” warns Chad. It’s like drowning in the shallow end of the creative pool, endlessly perfecting details while the big splash remains a distant dream.

Chad, ever the wisdom dispenser, drops a truth bomb: “There’s no better tagline in business and in life than ‘just do it.'” It’s like he’s the Gandalf of entrepreneurship, urging you to take that first step into the unknown and trust the journey.

He doesn’t stop there; Chad serves up another helping of reality stew. Too often, in the pursuit of greatness, people sacrifice the good, and that’s a recipe for delayed success. According to David, “Success isn’t a goal; it’s a process.” It’s like a sculptor chiseling away at a masterpiece; you might find yourself a circle away from your initial plan, and guess what? That circle might just be where true happiness resides.

So, as you navigate the labyrinth of business beginnings, heed the advice of the entrepreneurial oracle Chad Nash. Focus less on the intricacies and more on the bold act of “just doing it.” After all, success isn’t a meticulously planned destination; it’s the exhilarating journey through concentric circles, where each step brings you closer to your masterpiece.

5. Be ridiculously optimistic

Channeling the wisdom of Oprah Winfrey, who declares, “Everything you want is downstream,” we find ourselves drifting into the river of life. Yet, too often, the current of our thoughts is focused on lack, trapped in a scarcity mindset that struggles to conjure abundance. But fear not, for Chad refuses to play the role of the victim in this dramatic narrative.

According to Chad, there’s no such thing as failure; it’s a mere illusion. “You’re either winning, or you’re learning,” he asserts as if he’s the Zen master of life’s dojo. It’s a mindset that transforms setbacks into stepping stones; every stumble becomes a dance of knowledge.

Picture a conversation between Chad and David, the dynamic duo of wisdom. “What next step must you take to meet your definition of success?” David inquires, like a gentle nudge from the universe, asking you to lace up your boots and embark on your personal quest for triumph.

So, as you stand at the crossroads of dreams and reality, the question lingers in the air: What’s your next step to reach your definition of success? It’s not just a query; it’s an invitation to set sail on the river of possibilities, where every ripple takes you closer to the abundance waiting downstream.

Hear our take on how gay men can use the law of attraction:

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