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Slay Debt in 2021 with the Debt Lasso

Debt Lasso is Your Debt Free Solution

Are you so over stressing about credit card debt? Would you like to make 2021 the year you rewrite your money story and SLAY your debt once and for all? The Debt Lasso and Credit Card Pay Off Plan are the right solutions for you. 

Listen to the Debt Lasso Origin Story

Coming Down the Mountain: Our Come to Jesus Moment

On this episode the podcast, we’re sharing the Queer Money origin story, taking you back to the day we owned up to our combined credit card debt of $51,000. We explain why we were living beyond our means and describe what we did to realign our spending with our values.

We go on to share how we came up with the Debt Lasso Method, walking you through its 5 components and explaining how it helped us pay off our credit card balances in just 2½ years. Listen in to find out how YOU can take advantage of our special offer and leverage the Credit Card Pay Off Plan to slay your debt in 2021!

Topics Covered on this Queer Money

The Debt Free Guys origin story

  • Dreaming of vacation home in Winter Park
  • Owned up to combined debt of $51,000


The 3 goals we defined as a couple

  1. Comfortable retirement
  2. Travel extensively
  3. Give back to LGBTQ community


The first steps we took to get out of debt

  • Got crystal clear on hopes and dreams
  • Conducted detailed spending analysis


How we came up with the Debt Lasso Method

  • Look for ways to reduce interest rates
  • Able to pay off debt in just 2½ years

The 5 components of the Debt Lasso Method

  1. Commit
  2. Trim
  3. Lasso
  4. Automate
  5. Monitor


Why we started the Queer Money platform

  • Created website to promote book
  • Need for LGBTQ voice in personal finance


The 5 modules of the Credit Card Pay Off Plan

  1. Rewrite money story
  2. Lasso debt
  3. Find extra money
  4. Create budget to work with lifestyle
  5. Plan to pay off debt (with end date)


The benefit of our weekly money therapy Zoom call

  • Inspiring and motivating
  • Work toward paying off debt together



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