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What You Can Learn from the Daughter of Two Moms

The Wisdom of the Daughter of Two Moms

This daughter of two moms will challenge every negative stereotype you’ve heard about children growing up with same-sex parents. 

Meet Cinara Foor, Financial Planner and Daughter of Two Lesbians

How many 21-year-olds do you know who have invested in a Roth IRA and own their own home? Today you’ll meet an aspiring financial planner who is well-versed in keeping, investing and growing her money as she works toward financial independence – despite a seemingly negative experience with family finance in her youth. The daughter of two moms adopted from China when she was nine months old, Cinara Foor is well on her way to achieving success in an industry dominated by men as she seeks to educate clients about money management, insurance coverage and investment planning.

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