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10 Daily Habits to be Happier, Healthier and Wealthier

How habits impact your wellbeing

Raise your hand if you want to be happy, healthy and rich! You CAN change for the better, and it starts with making simple changes in your daily life. So, what daily habits do you need to practice to reduce stress, feel better and get on the road to financial independence?

Listen for 10 habits that lead to success

Change your life with daily habits

On this episode of Queer Money®, we’re discussing 10 habits that will make you happier, healthier and wealthier. We begin by explaining why habits are crucial in making positive change, describing how practicing gratitude and showing kindness to others will attract more joy into your life.

We go on to share our top three habits for improving your wellbeing and challenge you to do little things that will better your mental and physical health. Listen in for advice on implementing simple money habits that will build wealth over time and learn what you can do TODAY to be a happier, healthier member of the queer community—well on your way to financial freedom!

3 habits to be happier

1. List 5 things you are grateful for every day

As part of our morning ritual, we list the 10 things each day for which we’re most grateful. Sure, we repeat ourselves a lot, but it’s a good reminder. When we say thank you for waking up, the beautiful sunrise our successes, our subconscious picks up on this.

2. Say “I love you”

“She knows I love her. I married her didn’t I?” Who wants to hear that? No one. That’s who! Telling someone, our spouse, partner, parents and especially our children that we love them reminds them and us that we’re happy they’re in our lives. Remember the first time your spouse or child told you they loved you? Bring back that loving feeling.

3. Smile and say good morning to 5 people

What do you do when someone smiles at you? You smile back. Science shows that the simple act of smiling can change our mood. Doing this every day not only put us in a better mood, it puts those around us in a better mood.

3 habits to be healthier

4. Leave early for work and drive the speed limit

This sounds silly, even unreasonable, but for many a stressful day begins behind the wheel. We’re amazed by the number of soccer moms who drive 30 to 40 miles per hour in school zones and the Speed Racers who dart from lane to lane only to end up next to us at the red light.

You have the power to make this part of your day relaxing and reflective or enjoy a few good tunes while dancing in your seat. Go ahead. Sing a bit and make driving a happy time.

5. Go for a 15-minute walk

There are multiple benefits to walking. Getting out of the office gives you a break away from work to clear your mind or lets you to have a good talk with someone.

Another benefit is improved health. Taking a break reduces stress, breath fresh air and burn calories. If you walk for 15 minutes at a good pace, you’ll burn up to 60 calories. Calculate how many you burn here.

6. Eat more fruits and veggies

We, too, can down a bag of potato chips in one sitting. We do, at least, eat three servings of fruits and vegetables a day. It keeps us going, if you know what I mean. Both fruit and veggies are the closest we come to eating life without swallowing live goldfish. The fresher our food, the easier it is for our body to deliver sustainable nutrients to our cells.

How do we do it? Every day we have one piece for breakfast, typically a banana or apple. For lunch, we have another piece of fruit. Finally, our afternoon snack is crudite with hummus or yogurt-based ranch dressing.

4 habits to be wealthier

7. Log your spending

One of the keys to being  money conscious is to know where your money goes. Download the Mint app, keep an Excel spreadsheet or a notebook to stay on top of your spending. If you don’t know where you’re spending, then you’re financially unconscious. How can you expect to be wealthy if you don’t know where your money goes?

8. Create a to-do list, do them and cross them off

Too often our days are one long rush. Rush the kids to school, rush to work, rush to this meeting and that meeting, rush home to get the kids, cram a meal down, and then rush to bed and wonder why we can’t sleep. We don’t take the time to stop and ask what’s important for ME today. What will help me make this day better?

9. Read a personal finance or a motivational blog

Another trait of the money conscious is an awareness of what’s going on in the finance world. You don’t need to be a hedge fund manager, just aware. Here are some of our favorites:

10. A one free activity on your list of things to do

Boredom and lack of planning are budget killers. Having a reservoir of free or cheap things to do is a great way to enjoy life, save money and stay entertained. Use the AnyList app with the whole family and everyone can contribute.

Resources for your finances

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