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Queer Money™ with Curtis Wong: From Madonna to Arianna

Dream LGBTQ careers

What do you want to be when you grow up? On this Queer Money®, Curtis Wong, Senior Editor of The Huffington Post, shares his best tips for landing dream LGBTQ careers.

Curtis Wong on dream LGBTQ careers:

The dream career path of Curtis Wong

This episode is for anyone thinking of getting into journalism and those who want to make a childhood dream come true. Curtis Wong shares that it was reading a 1992 Vanity Fair article on Madonna that inspired him to become a journalist.

Curtis shares his circuitous path into journalism after earning a Masters in Journalism at Columbia University and the pivotal life decision to temporarily work outside the country that propelled him to where he is today. We discuss that despite the direction Curtis went with his life and what life brought his way, he continued to receive signs from the universe that journalism was where he belonged.

It did take time for Curtis Wong to learn how to market himself to New Your City media. To help those of you considering journalism, Curtis shares what he’s learned about marketing himself and networking with such powerful media outlets as The Huffington Post.

Curtis shares that in his career, he’s taken jobs that didn’t pay money and jobs, such as covering three high school graduations in one season, that some might not have appreciated. Looking at these gigs as opportunities helped Curtis make connections that got him get to where he is today.

As an insider in media, Curtis shares his thought on the changing landscape of media, especially print media. He also shares his opinions on the critical skills newer journalists should consider in order to get into print and online media today.

Curtis Wong on Queer Voices’ responsibility

In an interesting turn, we talk about the name change from HuffPost Gay Voices to HuffPost Queer Voices and both the support and pushback The Huffington Post received with that change. It’s similar to our choice in choosing the name Queer Money® for our show.

Finally, we talk about HuffPost’s Queer Voices responsibility to change the “gay conversation” from muscly men in Speedos and circuit parties to providing useful content that empowers the queer community and educates the queer community’s allies and adversaries.

What’s your dream LGBTQ career?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Once upon a time, we all had that one big dream. That huge dream of who we would become. We were going to be the biggest and best. We were going to make our families proud (or prove them wrong). We might become famous someday, become a household name. Those bullies were going to regret ever being mean to us.

But then life happened. We were told “no” too many times. We were pigeonholed into “what we are” and “who we’re supposed to be.” We had to look and act a certain way to fit it (or not stand out). We had to tone it (being gay) down and to butch it up. Our feelings didn’t matter; everyone else does.

In time, whatever we dreamed we would be someday slowly faded away like our nightly dreams. Mostly forgotten, except in the deep recesses of our minds. Except on occasion when we think, “Someday.”

Except now we’ve added our own layers of limitations. We say, “I’m too old,” “I’m too fat,” “I never learned,” “it’s already been done,” I’ll only fail.”

But all of that is bullocks. You weren’t born to just breathe and die.

We’re here to say that today is now! There’s never been a better time for you for queer people to step out and step up.

The world needs you to do that thing, to discover that thing, to go to that place, to play that part, to create whatever it is. The world, us, and everyone else in it from now through the rest of history, to do your thing.

If Madonna can become MADONNA . . . if Martine Rothblatt and Vivian Wong can become leaders in science and technology . . . if a boy with a stutter from Scranton, PA can become the President of the United States of America and a little African American girl with a stutter can grow up to recite her poetry at his inauguration . . . if Curtis Wong, who we interviewed for Queer Money® podcast episode #18, can become a Deputy Editor for HuffPost and a journalist for Billboard . . .


If success is available to them, it’s available to you. What’s the difference between them and you? Your belief in yourself. Life has projected a series of limiting beliefs on you, and it’s your number one responsibility now to break them down.

Do that today. Now. It’s your weekend homework.

See and hear more about what think about dream LGBTQ careers:

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