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Are Gay Men Richer Than Everyone Else?

Are gays richer than you

Are gay men rolling in more dough than a bakery on a Saturday morning, or are we just really good at turning our closets into walk-in museums?On this Queer Money®, we talked about whether gay men are richer than everyone else or do we just spend more money on showy displays of our wealth. 

Hear why gay men are richer than you (or not):

Are gay men richer than everyone else or do we just spend more money

We’re not saying we’ve replaced the traditional piggy bank with a bedazzled one (although that sounds like a glittery investment opportunity). We’re just here to explore whether our wallets are as fabulous as our dance moves. With that, we’re about to decode whether gay men are wealthier or if we just have a Ph.D. in making it rain money and men brunch.

In the glitzy realm of movies and TV shows, it might seem like gay men have cornered the market on wealth, fitness, and all-around fabulousness. But, before you trade in your day job for a bedazzled scepter, let’s separate fact from fiction.

Join us on the Queer Money® podcast in episode 2, where we unravel the mystery behind the “apparent” gay income gap. We’ve got finance journalist and expert Emma Johnson from Wealthy Single Mommy and the charismatic host of Outsources on KGNU Denver/Boulder, Karen Raforth, guiding us through the financial rollercoaster.

Spoiler alert: The group consensus is that we’re not swimming in pools of gold coins like Scrooge McDuck. We delve into the reasons behind this perceived difference and brainstorm ideas on how to boost the financial fortunes of gay men and the entire queer community. So, put on your financial thinking cap and join the discussion on how to make our wallets as fabulous as our dance moves.

Our thoughts today on whether gay men are richer than everyone else:

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