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3 Steps to Build a Ginormous Airbnb Business

You may already have an Airbnb business

Got a spare bedroom? Rent it! A couch? Rent it! A tent in the backyard? Rent it! You’d be surprised how much you can earn by listing your existing space on Airbnb, Misterbandb or other short-term rental sites to grow your Airbnb business.

Hear how to build your Airbnb business:

Building your Airbnb empire with Zeona McIntyre

Zeona McIntyre is an Airbnb host, real estate investor and short-term rental consultant. In addition to her own six properties, Zeona manages another 20 listings and teaches aspiring short-term rentals (STR) hosts how to create their own automated businesses. She reached her financial independence number at the age of 28, and now Zeona has the freedom to travel the world and manage her vacation rentals from her phone or laptop.

Zeona joins us to explain how she built a business around STR and the steps she took to achieve financial independence. Zeona shares the three ways to get started on Airbnb with little or no startup costs, discussing who’s the right fit for this business model and how much you can earn as a property manager. Listen in for Zeona’s simple, three-step process for becoming an Airbnb host and learn how to use the STR model to get out of debt and achieve financial freedom!

Topics covered on building Airbnb business

What inspired Zeona to reach financial independence at 28 

  • Both parents were bad with money. She knew there must be a better way
  • Liked idea of retiring at 30 (Mr. Money Mustache)

The steps that helped Zeona reach financial independence

  • Set goal of $600K/year ($2500/month)
  • Use Airbnb to reach a monthly target

Zeona’s definition of Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE)

  • Freedom and choice to pursue passions
  • Say YES to opportunities that don’t create stress

The structure of Zeona’s STR business

  1. Real estate investor (own and list 6 properties)
  2. Manage listings for other people
  3. Consulting for other Airbnb hosts

How to get started without buying property

  • Rent own space (e.g.: spare room, couch, etc.)
  • Property management for friends + family
  • Master lease with owner’s permission

Zeona’s advice for getting started on Airbnb

  • Research pricing on Airbnb or AirDNA
  • Build listing + make sure furnished well

Who’s the right fit for the Airbnb business model

  • Enjoy socializing with people in your home
  • Organized, some time to dedicate

The most common mistakes people as STR hosts

  • Low-quality photos of the listing
  • Lack of basic furnishings (e.g.: end table)

Zeona’s top 3 steps for starting your Airbnb empire

  1. Set goal (define your WHY)
  2. Determine financial independence #
  3. List on Airbnb

Why Zeona loves the flexibility of Airbnb

  • Communicate online with guests, cleaner
  • Manage business while traveling

How Zeona got her start hosting on Airbnb

  • Rent furnished room in apartment
  • Covered rent and then some

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