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Confirmed Dates and Locations

(More dates and locations coming soon)


  • May 15th - Los Angeles, CA - Capital One Cafe (RSVP Here)
  • May 16th - Santa Barbara, CA (private event)


  • June 13th - Denver, CO - Capital One Cafe (RSVP Here)
  • June 20th - Burlington/Winooski, VT - Location TBD


  • July 18th - Cincinnati, OH - Capital One Cafe (RSVP Here)


  • August 15th - Detroit, MI - Capital One Cafe (RSVP Here)


  • September 19th - Columbus, OH - Capital One Cafe (RSVP Here)

One-time financial messes to money guides and millionaires.

Despite having all the things (designer clothes, fancy vacations, weekly nights out with our gaggle of gays, endless happy hours and brunches), we were hiding a big secret. We were fabulously broke!

After a sobering wake up call in 2005, we paid off $51,000 in debt, and have since helped thousands of people pay off millions in debt, launched two businesses, including the award-winning Queer Money® podcast, funded a real estate portfolio, and grown our retirement nest egg to $1,000,000+.


You deserve better!


After 25+ years (combined) in financial services, watching our industry ignore the LGBTQ+ community, we felt a responsibility to leverage our success to help others. That’s why we launched the Queer Money podcast and are on a mission to grow one million LGBTQ+ millionaires.

Potential Sessions

Queer Money® Bingo

Your Queer Money® podcast hosts gamify financial literacy with Queer Money Bingo!, making money management edutaining for the LGBTQ+ community. From emergency savings to investing strategies, they ignite conversations for financial empowerment within the queer community.

Live Fabulously, Not Fabulously Broke

Your hosts share their captivating journey, breaking free from $51,000 credit card debt with their Debt Lasso Method, reaching millionaire status through the Wealth Builder’s Pyramid, offering hope for the American Dream to all and creating one million LGBTQ+ millionaires.

Why Queer Money®?

Your hosts delve into the current state of LGBTQ+ finances, spotlighting challenges and resiliency while exposing the powerful financial mechanisms behind what's fueling discriminatory legislation. They offer strategies to safeguard civil rights and counteract threats effectively and build LGBTQ+ generational wealth.

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