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3 Transgender Surgery Cost Tips to Know

What’s transgender surgery cost?

Understanding transgender surgery costs have gotten easier over the years, but it’s not easy. Our friend Andi break it all down for us while in their transition. 

Meet Andi Tremonte

Our friend, Andi Tremonte, joined us for episode 20 of the Queer Money® podcast. Andi shared his experience with coming out at trans and about a female-to-male transition. The latter half of the episode covered the costs of transitioning, and it highlighted factors transgender folks should consider before, during and after transitioning.

Several factors for trans folks fall under personal finance, which is what we most wanted to highlight.

Hear Andi talk about their transgender surgery costs:

3 transgender surgery cost tips

1. Know your out-of-pocket expenses for transgender surgery (including ongoing expenses)

The first is doing your research and being crystal clear on your out-of-pocket expenses. This includes following through on some procedures to completion. Some procedures with transitioning, when stopped partway, can increase your health risks and even be fatal.

Therefore, itemize your costs and create a budget to fund them.

2. Understand the ACA’s effects on transgender surgery

Another consideration is that under the Affordable Care Act, health insurance providers must cover some of the costs of transgender surgery. Some providers aren’t aware of this and some are indignant about it. Therefore, unfortunately, you may need to educate your insurance provider and even push back.

This isn’t fair and shouldn’t be the case, but it’s the unfortunate reality. Therefore, it’s helpful to be acutely aware of what should and shouldn’t be covered by your insurance provider. It may also be up to you to educate your general practitioner and other health professionals.

This can be a daunting task and, again, isn’t fair and shouldn’t be necessary. That’s why we suggest connecting with and using the services of organizations such as Callen-Lorde in New York City. Even though Callen-Lorde is based in New York City, it helps trans folks all over the country.

Listen to Queer Money® episode #242 for our interview with Finn Brigham, Director of Project Management at Callen-Lorde Community Health Center. We discuss all of the healthcare needs and coverage for trans folks.

This is why it’s necessary to be crystal clear on all your expenses that will be associated with transitioning and be prepared to fund that. Of, this makes transitioning for some folks cost-prohibitive, at least in the near term, but the health risks and the associated costs of the health risks, on the other hand, could be debilitating and even fatal.

3. Know how transitioning will affect your employment

Finally, as Andi shared, you’ll need to consider how transitioning will affect your employment. Andi shared that many trans folks postpone getting a job until after they transition to avoid the challenges of transitioning while in the workforce. Of course, that presents its own challenges and isn’t an option for many people.

With the workplace protections extended to LGBTQ people by the United States Supreme Court, transgender workers now have legal recourse to fight wrongful termination. But as we discussed on episode 218 of Queer Money®, we have yet to see how that protection plays out in reality. Listen to that episode for our suggestions on how to protect yourself in the workplace.

Meanwhile, be aware that you’ll have to uniquely navigate the workplace and consider factoring a cushion into your budget for lost employment or hours. Again, this isn’t fair and shouldn’t be the case, but it’s the reality. The more closely you budget to reality the better your transition will be, at least from a financial perspective.

Of course, being this proactive with your finances for transitioning isn’t a privilege that everyone else. That’s why we suggest listening to episode 20 of Queer Money® through to completion, as Andi shares ways to help finance your transition.

Watch us share more details on these transgender surgery cost tips:

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