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This Too Shall Pass, and Here’s How

This too shall pass

The current crisis and quarantine have changed life as we know it. In addition to fears for our physical health, many are out of work and nervous about their financial health. Here’s what can we do to survive, so this too shall pass.

Hear how this too shall pass

Here’s why this too shall pass

On this episode of Queer Money®, I’m discussing the challenges many of us are facing in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, describing how job loss and income insecurity are causing additional stress and anxiety. I share the results of the Queer Money Facebook poll on how our community is faring right now, from those who are optimistic about getting through the crisis to those who are really struggling.

I open up about our own experience with income insecurity in January 2019, explaining how defeated John and I felt at the time and what we learned about not giving up on our dreams. Listen in for insight on what you can do to survive these challenging financial times and remember that ‘this too shall pass.’

Topics covered on this too shall pass

Our Queer Money Facebook poll on the Coronavirus pandemic

  • 6 say quarantine does me good
  • 46 don’t love situation but will survive
  • 9 scared about future
  • 4 not doing well at all

The challenges you may be facing in light of the health crisis

  • Job loss and income insecurity
  • Nervous about covering bills, food and healthcare

Our experience with income insecurity in January 2019

  • Quit my job to do Debt Free Guys full-time
  • Excited to launch Credit Card Pay Off Course
  • Didn’t make enough to survive month
  • Lowest point, ready to give up

What you can do today to get through the current crisis

  • Remind self of difficult times endured in past
  • Don’t give up on dreams (even if put on hold)

Your Queer Money® takeaways for this week

  • Challenges make us stronger
  • Survive now to thrive in future

Resources so this too shall pass


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