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9 Fun Ways to Stay Sane During Quarantine

How to stay sane during quarantine

If being quarantined at home has you going a little (or A LOT) stir crazy, you are not alone. We’ve all been forced to adjust to new circumstances. So, we came up with 9 strategies to stay sane during quarantine despite the limitations. 

Hear 9 ways to maintain sanity during quarantine

What can keep you sane during quarantine

On this episode of Queer Money, we’re walking you through the nine things we’re doing to stay sane during quarantine. We share the books, TV shows, movies and podcasts we are consuming to stay inspired right now and challenge you to make intentional choices about what to read, listen to and watch during this already stressful time.

We weigh in on the benefits of eating healthy and maintaining an exercise program, offering tips on how to work out without the luxury of a gym—and forgive yourself for the occasional afternoon of Netflix with Ben & Jerry. Listen in to understand how our daily meditation practice is making our time at home more manageable and find out how turning up the intimacy in your relationship can help you stay sane during quarantine!

Topics covered on staying sane during quarantine

Strategy #1—Read more

  • Inspiring books on physics, consciousness
  • Swap or use Libby app to save money

Strategy #2—Maintain an exercise program

  • Run, walk and do bodyweight exercises
  • Feel better physically and mentally

Strategy #3—Meditate more

  • Moment of calm to start off the day
  • Guided or self-directed

Strategy #4—Get picky about TV shows + movies

  • Intentional choices to stay lighthearted
  • Seek out positive thought leaders

Strategy #5—Listen to uplifting podcasts

  • Positive content (especially LGBTQ hosts)
  • Topics like music or manifestation

Strategy #6—Manage your social media

  • Unfollow as needed and update settings
  • Post but don’t look at comments

Strategy #7—Eat healthier

  • Diet impacts how we feel (quality of fuel)
  • Intentional about drinking in moderation

Strategy #8—Get more intimate

  • More cuddling, massages and sex
  • Endorphins to stay positive


Strategy #9—Be more forgiving

  • Forgive self for not being productive
  • Extend grace to others

Resources for staying sane


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