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5 Super Simple Investing Tips

What investing tips should you know?

No other part of the economy is designed for success quite like the stock market. So, what’s keeping you from being a member of the Investing Class? Setting up an investment account is easy, and you can get started today by using our investing tips!

Hear 5 simple investing tips for entering the stock market

Make money now with these investing tips

On this episode of Queer Money®, we’re sharing our first five tips to super-simple investing. We explain how to open a retirement or brokerage account online and set up automatic deposits funneled directly from your paycheck.

We go on to offer advice on investing in low-cost exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, discussing the benefits of having a diverse portfolio that includes different asset classes and variables. Listen in for insight on riding out the ups and downs in the market and learn how YOU can join the investing class ASAP.

Topics covered on investing tips

1. Open an investing account online

  • Set up retirement and/or brokerage account
  • Use M1 or Acorns for a low barrier to entry

2. Set automatic payments to your investing account

  • Small, reoccurring steps = best gains
  • Use direct deposit or electronic funds transfer

3. Keep it stupid-simple by investing in low-cost ETFs

  • Basket of stocks or bonds that trade through the day
  • Mirror of a stock index or investment type (e.g.: tech)

4. Diversify your investments for consistent growth

  • Throughout different asset classes and variables
  • Don’t feel pressure to act on hot stock tip

5. Open an emergency savings account

  • Don’t have to worry about ups and downs in the market
  • Ride out drops and participate in upswings

Resources for investing

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