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The Shocking News about Financial Services

Shocking news about financial services in a new study

This was literally the most shocking data to us that came from TMF/DFG LGBTQ+ Money Study. In fact, it’s this shocking news about financial services that many LGBTQ+ folks say contributes to their lack of financial stability. If you want to reach financial sustainability and financial independence, start here by getting rid of any credit card debt with the free, 7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher.

Is this shocking news about financial services really new?

How to we fix this news about financial services and the LGBTQ community?

According to The Motley Fool / Debt Free Guys LGBTQ+ Money Study, 48% of LGBTQ+ Americans report being discriminated against by someone in the financial services industry with transgender American reporting experiencing the most discrimination at 67%.

44% of LGBTQ+ respondents TMF/DFG LGBTQ+ Money Study attribute the discrimination they’ve experienced by the financial services industry to their lack of financial security.

Despite the prevalence of financial services, banking and insurance companies at Pride parades each year and being leading sponsors of some of the most important LGBTQ non-profits, there’s still a huge disconnect between these services’ primary purpose and the desperate needs of millions of LGBTQ+ people.

We’re working with some partners now to create a unique, never-been-done-before solution to fix this – more to come on that.

Meanwhile, don’t let this affect your financial security. Subscribe to the Queer Money podcast, follow this channel, find a financial planner in your local Pink Pages or LGBTQ+ chamber of commerce, and find a financial planner with experience serving LGBTQ+ people at or through the Financial Planning Association’s Pride Planners.



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