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7 Tips for Setting Attainable Goals

Setting attainable goals that work

Well, we’re here at the beginning of February…how did it go with those New Year’s Resolutions? Did you quit smoking? Are you hitting the gym? Eating healthily? Probably not. Because you set yourself up for huge changes, rather than set attainable goals.

How I set my attainable goals

I’m down 4 pounds since the first of the year. Don’t get all impressed, I have 40 to go, and those 4 were most likely alcohol weight – after a long weekend of drinking, the scale always tips toward the wrong side.

But we’re not here to talk about my weight. This is a personal finance blog – let’s talk about your finances.

What was your financial resolution this year? Spend less and save more, or some variation on that theme is one of the top New Year’s Resolutions. Did you plan for this change, or decide that January 1 would dawn, and you would suddenly have a handle on your finances?

I’m not trying to be mean – but statistics show you are overwhelmingly apt to fail in your New Year’s Resolutions. So how do you get yourself into that 8%? Here’s my advice for setting attainable goals.

This is the importance of setting attainable goals:

On this episode of Queer Money®, we’re sharing our top 7 tips for setting attainable goals. We walk you through the SMART process of goal setting, explaining why your goals need to be specific, measurable and time-bound so that you can track your progress along the way.

We go on to discuss the importance of setting goals that are within the realm of possibility and relevant to YOUR long-term happiness. Listen in for insight on developing a mindset of success and learn how to build out a plan for achieving your goals—financial and otherwise!

Topics covered on setting attainable goals

Why it’s crucial for our goals to be attainable

  • Builds confidence as we move forward
  • Small, repeated effort leads to success

1. Make your goals SPECIFIC

  • Broad targets seem unattainable (e.g.: spend less)
  • Quantifiable goals make it easier to create a plan

2. Make your goals MEASURABLE

  • Allows us to track progress and assess how we’re doing
  • Example—improve credit score by 30 points in 3 months

3. Make your goals ATTAINABLE

  • Must be within the realm of possibility for most
  • Example—save $500 in a year ($10 per week)

4. Make your goals RELEVANT

  • Don’t set goals for or to impress other people
  • Focus on what would bring YOU long-term happiness

5. Make your goals TIME-BOUND

  • Building in deadline gives us a sense of urgency
  • Forces us to think through steps to make it happen

6. Develop the right MINDSET

  • Must believe the goal is possible for YOU
  • A shift from I WISH… to I’M DOING…

7.  Build out a PLAN to achieve

  • Minimize # of goals to just one or two
  • Focus on essential steps (80/20 rule)
  • Develop a process to assess and adjust


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