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10 Kinda Crazy Ways We Save Money

What can you cut back on in life to save money?

15 years ago, we got serious about getting out of debt, and now, we’re on track to be retirement millionaires! How did we save that kind of money? By getting creative and implementing a few strategies that are simple, sometimes weird and maybe even a little sexy. Ready to save money? Get creative and have some fun, like we’ve done.

Hear our 10 strategies to saving money

Here’s how we save money every month

On this episode of Queer Money®, we’re sharing the top 10 crazy ways we save money. We discuss some of the fun things we do to avoid going out (hello, Naked Sunday) and explain the savings and other benefits of celebrating a dry month and being our own baristas at home.

We go on to describe how we save thousands of dollars a year by grocery shopping less frequently, keeping our phones a little longer and choosing a limited data plan. Listen in for insight on how to save BIG by driving an older (but still cute!) car and choosing a home or apartment that won’t leave you house poor.

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Topics covered on saving money 

1. Naked Sunday

  • Stay home vs. spend on expensive brunches and entertainment
  • Stock up on food and drinks, plan fun things to do

2. Do a dry month

  • Cut as much as $400 from spending (less likely to dine out)
  • Opportunity to connect with sober friends

3. Keep our phones for 5+ years

  • $25 to $35/month to rent = $1,500 to $2,100/year
  • Put on rewards credit card to earn free travel

4. Choose a limited data plan

  • Use Wi-Fi instead
  • Saves $80/month

5. Stick to the same simple menu and grocery list

  • Planning meals makes shopping easier
  • Splurge from time to time (keeps it special)

6. Grocery shop every 7 to 10 days

  • Less time in-store = less money spent
  • Build a menu around foods already at home or on sale

7. Semi-annual spending analysis

  • Opens eyes to unconscious spending/budget creep
  • Reminds us of goals and keeps us on track

8. Make our own iced coffee

  • Up to $12 for iced coffee x 4 visits/week = $3K/year
  • Save by using a French press, storing in reused spaghetti jars

9. Bought/rented housing with 1 salary

  • Doesn’t mean can’t have a beautiful home
  • Allowed us to put away hundreds of thousands of $ in 401(k)s

10. Drive a 2006 MINI Cooper

  • $100/month car maintenance vs. $500/month car payment
  • Saved $50K (including the $8K spent on maintenance)

Resources to save money

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