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How I Overcame Shame and Have Paid Off Debt

How one woman in NYC has paid off debt

Jeanette was in a dark place just six months ago when it came to money. Today, her outlook has taken a 180, and she’s confident that she can and will succeed in her financial life.

Hear about how she paid off debt, the best kind:

On accumulated and paid off debt

On this episode of Queer Money®, Jeanette joins us to share her story of acquiring $60K,000 in debt, explaining how taking out a personal loan to pay off credit cards did not improve her financial situation. She describes the scarcity mindset that contributed to her money issues and walks us through the medical event and the peer pressure to spend on her sister’s wedding that put her on the wrong path.

Jeanette also discusses her experience with the Credit Card Pay Off Course so far, offering insight into how she has gone from feeling irresponsible and overwhelmed to confident and hopeful. Hear Jeanette’s take on paying off debt the ‘hard way,’ and learn how support and accountability have been crucial to her success.

Topics covered on paid off debt

Jeanette’s financial life before joining the Credit Card Pay Off Course 

  • Took a personal loan to pay off $30K in debt
  • Acquired $30K more within a year (total $60K)

What Jeanette learned about her money mindset

  • Read up on her idea of debt as addiction
  • Scarcity mindset = source of spending

How Jeanette acquired $60K in credit card debt

  • Sister’s wedding and vacation to Europe
  • A medical event followed by job loss

Why Jeanette overspent on her sister’s wedding

  • Responsible for parties, showers as MOH
  • Pressure from family to go above + beyond

How Jeanette felt about her financial situation

  • In dark place, hopeless and overwhelmed

Why Jeanette chose to invest in the Credit Card Pay Off Course

  • Resonated with our story, reasonable price
  • Personable response to our email

Jeanette’s experience w/the Credit Card Pay Off Course and paid off debt

  • From dark to light (confident and hopeful)
  • Support, accountability crucial to her success

Jeanette’s timeline for paying off all her debt

  • Knew wouldn’t go away overnight
  • Anticipates being debt-free in 4 years

Jeanette’s insight on paying off debt the ‘hard way’

  • Requires discipline and commitment
  • Think about spending every day

Jeanette’s plans once her debt is paid off

  • Pursue investing
  • Save for car, house or vacation

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