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3 Great Tips for New Year’s Evolutions

Make your New Year’s evolutions resolutions  reality

When we asked you about your experiences with New Year’s Resolutions, not a single person reported having success with them. How can we rethink year-end goals? New Year’s Evolutions!

Hear about New Year’s evolutions

New Year new you 

On this Queer Money®, we share three tips for turning your resolutions into New Year’s Evolutions. We explain how your vision of your best self already exists and share insight around gradually replacing your current habits with the behaviors of the person you want to be, be it a marathon runner or someone who’s financially secure.

We discuss why it’s crucial to tackle one goal at a time and how an accountability partner helps keep you on track. Get our advice for breaking your big goals down into bite-sized pieces and learning how you absolutely can achieve lasting change in 2020!

Topics covered on New Year’s evolutions strategies

 The results of our Queer Money® Facebook Group poll

  • 6% make resolutions but struggle to keep
  • 27% stick to resolutions most of the time

1. Focus on who you know yourself to be

  • Assess what that person does, believes
  • Replace one habit before moving on

2. Focus on one goal at a time

  • Don’t have time/capacity to do all at once
  • Write down goals or create vision board
  • Get help from accountability partner

3. Divide goals into manageable chunks

  • Save $500 = $41.66/month
  • Write down three things need to do


The distinction between resolutions and evolution

  • Evolution = permanent, lasting change

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