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7 Home Buying Tips You Should Know

First-time home-buying tips everyone should know

Navigating buying your first home can feel like tiptoeing through a minefield of information overload. With many do’s and don’ts swirling around, it’s no wonder many people are overwhelmed. But fear not! Let’s strip away the complexity and distill it down to the essentials. Here are seven straightforward tips to guide you through the exciting journey of becoming a first-time homebuyer.

7 home buying tips with William S. Matthews:

Home buying tips for queer people (allies)

Tthinking about diving into the real estate market in 2021? Join us on this episode of Queer Money® as we welcome back William S. Matthews, a seasoned real estate broker, buyer, and investor, whom you may recall from Queer Money® episode 9, ‘Paying for a Gay Wedding.’

With William’s expertise, we delve into seven essential tips for first-time homebuyers embarking on this exciting journey. Among these tips, William emphatically underscores the importance of avoiding the trap of ‘golden handcuffs’ – a cautionary tale against becoming house-poor.

Our journey, marked by successfully navigating away from house-poor circumstances and liberating ourselves from $51,000 in credit card debt, is a testament to the transformative power of prudent financial decisions. By purchasing a home (a condominium, to be precise) priced at one and a half times our combined household income, we unlocked significant purchasing power while still affording ample resources for travel, investment, and personal pursuits.

In this episode, we reveal how this strategic approach has enriched our lives and paved the way for our financial security now and into retirement. And as a podcast dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community, we don’t shy away from addressing specific concerns, such as safety considerations and the absence of explicit protections for queer individuals under the federal Fair Housing Act.

Furthermore, we explore the advantages of LGBTQ individuals considering second and third-tier cities over their first-tier counterparts, citing long-term financial benefits and community inclusivity.

Join us for invaluable insights and practical advice on navigating the home-buying journey, tailored specifically for the LGBTQ+ community, on this episode of Queer Money® and its accompanying follow-up discussion.

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We’re David and John Auten-Schneider, the founders of Debt Free Guys and creators of the Queer Money® podcast. We help queer people (and allies) achieve financial, relationship, time, and location freedom by helping them design their Wealth Builder’s Pyramid.

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