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Talking Gay Stereotypes with Kyle & Mike of Gayish

How can we overcome gay stereotypes?

Are gay stereotypes always bad? Can some of the assumptions people make about the queer community be beneficial? How do these seemingly positive stereotypes impact our finances and mental health? Let’s find out.

Hear Mike and Kyle’s advice on breaking stereotypes

In what ways can gay stereotypes impact our lives?

Mike Johnson and Kyle Getz are the hosts of Gayish: A Podcast About Gay Stereotypes, a show that bridges the gap between sexuality and actuality. A three-time nominee for Best LGBTQ Podcast, Gayish has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Esquire and Queerty, among many other media outlets.

On this episode of Queer Money®, Mike & Kyle join us to explain how even stereotypes that seem positive can be harmful to our mental health and our bank account. We discuss why so many gay men don’t prioritize their finances and how we might inspire more LGBTQ individuals to plan for retirement before it’s too late. Listen in for surprising insight around the idea that gay men are obsessed with sex and learn what YOU can do to help break queer stereotypes and build a financially strong LGBTQ community!

Topics covered on gay stereotypes 

Where the affluent gay stereotype comes from

  • Depicted in mainstream media
  • Easier to come out if wealthy

How stereotypes that seem positive can be harmful

  • Spend money don’t have projecting image
  • Feel bad about self if don’t measure up

Why many gay men don’t prioritize their finances

  • Youth obsession and implied immortality
  • Making up for lost years of being in the closet
  • The assumption around dying young

How societal hang-ups regarding sexuality are changing

  • Growing acceptance (but long way to go)
  • Millennials, Gen Z down with everything

The stereotype that gays are obsessed with sex

  • # of sexual partners same as straights
  • Societal pressures re: female sexuality

Inspiring gay men to plan their financial future

  • Models of retiring/aging as a gay person
  • Generation missing due to AIDS crisis

How we can help break queer stereotypes

  • Discuss/rethink what means to be gay
  • Support LGBTQ entrepreneurs

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