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Why Both Gay Money and Gay Pride Matter

Gay money and gay pride are inextricably linked

Ah, the inseparable duo of gay money and gay pride – like peanut butter and jelly, but with more sass and fewer carbs. Let’s discuss how we can have at least as much pride in our finances as we do our sexual orientations and gender identities.

Hear all about how money and pride can complement each other:

The team on gay pride and financial prejudice

It’s time to spill the financial tea and acknowledge that while we’re busy parading around in fabulous outfits during Pride, our wallets might be silently sobbing in the corner. Join us on this Queer Money® escapade, where we shine a rainbow-colored spotlight on the neglected member of the dynamic duo – gay money. No pun intended, but it’s high time we stop treating our finances like that awkward third wheel at a party.

We’re about to explore how to march to the beat of both the pride parade and the cha-ching of our bank accounts. After all, a little fiscal fabulousness never hurt anyone.

Queer Money® podcast guest

Meet David Rae, the Certified Financial Planner™, AIF® extraordinaire, and the maestro of fiscal fitness. For over a decade, he’s been turning dollars and cents into a symphony of financial success for the LGBT community and their fabulous friends. Based in the glittering city of angels, LA, David shares his glamorous abode with his husband and two Chihuahuas, proving that even the tiniest pooches can have a taste for financial wisdom.

When he’s not decoding the mysteries of money, you can catch David making financial waves in the pages of both the Advocate Magazine and HuffPost, adding a dash of financial flair to your daily reads.

But wait, there’s more! David’s not just about serious numbers and spreadsheets; he’s the financial guru who makes learning about money as enjoyable as a sparkling champagne brunch. We adore him so much that he’s become a recurring guest on Queer Money®, bringing his smart and fun vibes to our financial fiesta. With his expertise in financial planning and investing, he’s the secret sauce to making our Queer Money® audience financially fabulous.

So, buckle up because David Rae is here to make your money matters as entertaining as a Hollywood blockbuster.

Is there more to Pride than parades and parties?

The evolution of Pride – from riot to parade to what’s now essentially the most fabulous celebration on the planet. It’s like our community’s journey from black and white to technicolor, with a soundtrack by Lady Gaga. But hey, progress, right?

Now, on this episode of the Queer Money® podcast, we’re diving into the untapped realm of queer finance. Because let’s face it, being strong and fabulous isn’t just about strutting in a parade with glitter cannons; it’s about being financially secure. Picture this: instead of throwing dollars at the parade, what if we were investing in our emergency savings accounts? Revolutionary. Isn’t it?

We tackle the serious issue of adulting gone wild – spending recklessly to compensate for our childhood traumas. Spoiler alert: Therapy might be cheaper than a designer handbag.

And can we talk about the financial paradox within our community? Doctors clinking glasses with restaurant workers, lawyers bonding with retail aficionados – it’s like an episode of Queer Eye with a budgetary twist.

Contrary to popular belief, not all gay men are swimming in Scrooge McDuck’s money bin. We reveal the truth and share tips from the financial oracle, Rae. Because let’s be real: keeping up with the Mr. & Mr. Joneses only leads to a credit card debt spiral.

So, buckle up for financial wisdom and glittery revelations as we navigate the path to financial security. Because Pride isn’t just about parades – it’s about taking pride in every aspect of our lives, including our bank accounts. And remember, folks, money isn’t just currency; it’s a major tool in the ongoing fight for LGBTQ rights. So, let’s secure those funds and continue the glitter-filled march toward equality!

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