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9 Fun Ways to Celebrate Pride at Home

How to celebrate pride at home

We could all use a Pride Parade right about now, but 2020 is just not cooperating. So, what can we do to make this June as much fun as the past? How can we celebrate pride at home and celebrate the LGBTQ community wherever we are?

Hear how we can celebrate pride at home

Having a fabulous pride celebration at home

On this episode of Queer Money®, we’re sharing nine fabulous ideas for celebrating Pride at home. We challenge you to connect with friends virtually and offer our best ideas for showing off your pride wherever you are—displaying your rainbow flags and banners, sharing Pride photos on social, and maybe even staging your own one- or two-person Pride Parade!

We go on to encourage you to support others in the queer community during Pride by giving to LGBTQ organizations or showing a little love to an older LGBTQ person. Listen in for insight on how to make June 2020 the month you start taking pride in your money and learn what you can do to make this year’s Pride just as meaningful and fun as years past and those to come!

Topics covered on celebrating pride

1. Throw a Zoom cocktail party

  • Choose a drink or dress theme
  • Try drag or wear a past Pride outfit

2. Give to the LGBTQ community

  • Donate to LGBTQ organizations
  • Support local LGBTQ businesses (e.g.: tip drag performer)

3. Start taking pride in your money

  • Join the Queer Money® Facebook Group
  • Sign up for our free Fabulous Life Combo

4. Do a Pride photo collage

  • Share past + present photos on social
  • Use Pic Stitch app for free

5. Don your gay apparel

  • Stage own one- or two-person Pride Parade
  • Participate in virtual parades around the world

6. Put your Pride on display

  • Hang flags, banners and bumper stickers outside
  • Ally with another part of the LGBTQ community

7. Have an LGBTQ-themed watch party

  • Search streaming service for queer shows
  • How to Survive a Plague, Pride and Love, Simon

8. Become a pen pal with an older LGBTQ person

  • Reach out to SAGE or local advocacy organizations
  • Connect with someone in a nursing home, care facility

9. Come out to someone who thinks you’re straight

  • Encourage to be an ally to the LGBTQ community
  • Build bridges with as many as possible

Resources to celebrate pride at home


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