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Amy Coney Barret: The New Gay Agenda

How does Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barret affect us?

Amy Coney Barrett is the newest Supreme Court Justice on a now conservative bench. This is what we must do now to continue to fight for our rights.

How we can respond to Amy Coney Barret’s appointment:

Let’s focus on creating change

On this episode of Queer Money®, we’re sharing the four next steps the queer community must take in response to the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett. We explain why it doesn’t do us much good to spend our time and energy getting angry or upset about the conservative majority on the court and discuss the relationship between our individual financial security and the advancement of LGBTQ rights.

We go on to challenge you to stop spending more than you make and pay off debt, describing how your financial insecurity holds back the queer community as a whole. Listen in for insight on saving and investing to secure your financial future and learn why giving to LGBTQ causes and candidates is absolutely crucial in furthering the new gay agenda to protect and expand our rights.

Topics covered on Amy Coney Barret

How we think about the appointment of conservative justices to SCOTUS

  • Roberts and Kavanaugh don’t always tow the Republican party line
  • Waste of time and energy to get angry, demonize justices

The relationship between our individual financial security and the advancement of LGBTQ rights

  • Affords ability to invest time and money in causes/people who support our rights
  • Devoting just 1% of our $1T in purchasing power = $10B for LGBTQ causes in US

4 steps we can take to further the new gay agenda

  1. Stop spending more than we make
  2. Pay off our debt
  3. Save and invest
  4. Give, give, give

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